Well, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is undoubtedly the next premium flagship from the Korean tech Samsung. Much rumors for the Galaxy Note 4 have been circulating these days and the device is assumed to be unveiled at the IFA event in Berlin this September. Samsung has already introduced its S Health app which collects and analyzes fitness data giving fitness enthusiasts and able interface to maintain their lifestyle. Moreover, recently with its Galaxy S5 it also incorporated a dedicated heart rate sensor and now Samsung seems to be adding one more sensor to the list in its upcoming flagship.

A recent report coming out from SamMobile, a website dedicated to all the Samsung news, has said that the company will put a new ultraviolet sensor on the front in its upcoming Galaxy Note 4. This new sensor will measure the UV radiation that we get exposed to and will inform in case the radiation is potential enough to damage our skin. At the moment, it is unknown about whether this sensor response will be implemented via a dedicated app or notifications.

To be honest, we can’t remember the last time we went to the beach and thought to ourselves “Man, it’s hot out here. Wish we had UV sensors in hand to check if it’s safe to get some tan”. What’s your take on this?