Oppo N3 is probably the next device in making from the Chinese manufacturer. Few days back there was an official teaser of the handset released by the company along with some of its press images. Now with the launch date closing in, the rumors for the device hae started growing bigger. The recent report coming from the industry suggest that the Oppo N3 would be built with a toughened special material.

The company has itself teased that its upcoming flagship would be made of “aerospace grade metal” material that will give the handset an optimum balance between overall sturdiness and weight. Now out many metal materials used in the aerospace industry, we believe that Oppo would arrive with that particular material which is light-weight and not so heavy.


However, according to rumors from other sources, it is also been said that Oppo is preparing to incorporate a new cooling system to its upcoming N3. The reports show that the most heat consuming material baked in the handset would be covered with a special kind of material that would be responsible to take away extra heat from these materials. The above image shows a glimpse about the usage of this technology. This would certainly be a new technology that we would get to see being brought to smartphones. The Oppo N3 is likely to be able to shoot 4K videos as well! We hope Oppo brings this new and novel feature to its upcoming Oppo N3.