The range of iOS 8.2 screenshots by 9to5mac is great treat for all Apple fans. It concludes that Apple Watch support and WatchKit are coming along quickly. Also the Health application is intacting back earlier important features in addition to some new enhancements.

iOS 8.2 fixes an issue that caused opening Messages conversations to take a long time to open. Apple is bringing in a updated blood glucose tracking engine, with an manual option of measurement unit – mmol/L  or mg/dL. The newly added descriptions will help users making better use of Health app. We can observe the detailed explaination of blood glucose in the screenshots below.

 iOS 8.2 will be a rather big update since it has included the WatchKit software development kit which allows the developers to create apps for the new wearable.

Apple will be all set together for Apple watch after the completion of iOS 8.2. The Apple wearable is scheduled to debut during the first quarter of 2015, if everything around its manufacturing process takes place as planned.