Back in June, Google announced at the Google I/O 2014 event the next version of Android much famous as the Android L that is designed with a special Material Design. It is expected that Google may roll-out this latest version of Android within next six weeks and the company is currently believed to be on a marathon for developing its own suite of apps for the Material Design of Android L. Recently, Google updated its Hangout platform and the next major change in line seems to be its Android OS update.

A recent major leak that comes our way from Android Police suggests that the Android 5.0 version is on its way that comes with better aesthetics of Material Design. The below images show the comparison between the existing design of Play Store and the upcoming design and the most apparent change in filling of color in the navigations tabs. The typography seems to be getting bolder than the existing one and a subtle changes in the colors for Apps, Movies, Music, Books and Newsstand icons can be witnessed.

Material Design Leak 1

On carefully observing the image at the top, you can see that there some changes that are arriving for the apps icon in different sections of the Play Store. This is really going t be very interesting and Android fans are really going to enjoy it. We would like to know what do you think about the Material Design brought by Google in its next update. Exciting? Please leave your comments below.

For the time being, check out few more image of the upcoming update below:

Material Design Leak 6 Material Design Leak 5 Material Design Leak 3 Material Design Leak 7 Material Design Leak 2 Material Design Leak 4