Just three days back there was a news that Amazon might soon come up with its smartphone this June. Now three images showing the online retailers first smartphone have appeared and these images show out handset to be wearing out an hard enclosure hiding the hardware and could possibly a prototype device as well!

Amazon smartphone 1


From the leaked images, what we can make out is that there are five front-facing camera units on the device. One of them would serve the basic utility of video calling while the remaining four would work for the rumored glasses-free, head-tracking 3D effect.

Amazon smartphone 2 Amazon smartphone 3

However, it speculated that at the launch, the 3D effect would be limited for in-built gestures. News are that Amazon is pushing itself so that its developers manage to quickly design apps for the 3D tech.

In addition to this tech, the device is tipped to have a 4.7” display with 720p resolution, 2GB RAM, Qualcomm Snapdragon and Amazon’s Android build-FireOS. Early June is the possible date for the device to arrive.