Don’t forget, this is the era of science, technology and huge changes in the smartphones. This is really easy for a person to unlock home’s front door by using your smartphone. However, this may not surprise you because this is quite old fashion.

But, what’s about when you can unlock your home’s front door when you are on the last border of the city? Yes, this is possible with your smartphone because of the latest hardware update to Kwikset’s Kevo Bluetooth front door lock.

Unlock your front door by using your smartphone from anywhere! 1

The technology has improved such a way that you can control your front door of home while you are in a business meeting out of the town. Your parents may not from the generation of smartphone and as a result, they may not go to your home to watch your children. Therefore, just click on your mobile’s screen to let them in to your home.

Kevo Plus is the name of the update that enables the feature to the smartphone users. Kevo deadbolt is required to place close to the Bluetooth LE signal to work it properly. Moreover, this will leave a notification to your mobile’s screen when anyone arrives your home. Moreover, set a code on your front door’s keys in order to let anyone come to your home while you are not at home.