If you are a photo maniac or a lover of photography here is a great news for you as Instagram has come up with a new Hyperlapse app which allows users to take high-quality time lapse videos. The app has been so beautifully designed that the built in image stabilization makes the video look as if you have used a tripod for steady capturing. So even if the user is on a move, he/she is allowed to film the time-lapse sequence. With the Hyperlapse app, users will even be allowed to control the playback speed of the video from 1x to 12x.

The good thing is that you need no account to sign in and moreover just a tap to capture video is enough to create a time-lapse video. The video can instantly be uploaded to Instagram or Facebook or can be kept saved on your device.

A bit disappointment for Android fans as the app is currently available only for iOS device absolutely free of cost. We are waiting for some quick word from Instagram about the launch of this app on Windows Phone and Android platform. For iOS users, click the download link below and have fun.
Download Hyperlapse for iPhone, iPad