The creator of Kickstarter campaign claims that they have developed an umbrella that pushes air against rain and it manages to prevent the owner from getting wet. The device passed by a funding of $10,000 and they decided to call it Air Umbrella.

There are still a lot of questions and doubts for this new product.  Is it for real? Is it a complicated solution to a simple problem? Is it can be easily solved by using a normal umbrella? What is the difference between this product with the normal umbrella? And is the Air umbrella looks a little bit weird?

The creators of Air Umbrella have not responded to our questions.  However, if we take a look on the Kickstarter’s FAQ section for some answer, it is stated there that it has been tested with rain coming from any angle.

Luckily, there might be a possibility whereby the product might be change significantly before it goes to market.  Well, we are excited for the release of this product, are we?