The cost cutting measures by Chief Information Officer of Hampshire, Jon Creese, have convinced him to prefer Microsoft to open source alternatives. Costs are not just limited to licensing fees, but the costs of deployment of products and hardware to improve front line services are also flexible, states Creese.

He reiterated that companies like Microsoft, SAP and oracle would have to work to justify the overpriced tenders and contracts signed by the government. Considering the performance of Microsoft, it is been expected that the software giant will continue doing so, ensuring that its products are deployed to maintain market share.

It is been asked that why Microsoft with its exorbitant licensing costs and others are preferred when the open sources are generally free. To this Creese replies that Microsoft has its own management tools for IT department and this makes it more affordable with Redmond.

In addition, the company has cut down on its licensing fees to make its offers more alluring. It also offers to help with development and business model, both.

Albeit, Microsoft is attempting to drive custom from windows XP to windows 8, it has promised to support UK and other countries who seek for an extended coverage of ageing operating system.