Tzukuri design is similar with any other sunglasses except for an important difference. The Tzukuri sunglasses have an inbuilt Bluetooth Low Energy that works with a smartphone app that helps you to keep track the location of your sunglasses. It has similar concept as The Blunt + Tile smart umbrella. This is great during situation whereby the glasses are not actually lost but rather just misplaced somewhere in the home.

Another good thing is that the glasses are solar powered. Therefore, there is no need for manual recharging or battery replacement. It is 100% renewable materials and 100% recyclable packaging.

The company is also planning to release an API in 2015 so that the developers able to do more with the sunglasses by setting up different kinds of interactions. Example includes alerting your friend when you are near.

Tzukuri offers six different frames shapes to suit the broadest range of face shapes which is available in solid black or tortoise pattern.  The lenses are produced by Carl Zeiss Vision. The frames are handmade in Japan by the finest artisans in the world. The precision equipment and high quality make the pair of glasses unparalleled in beauty and durability.

The company accepted $100 deposits to reserve a pair to fund the production run next year. Unfortunately, the preorder is now closed.  The retail price is expected to be around US$350.