Twitter’s Shopping integration finally turns out to be real deal as the social networking giant has launched a new “Buy Now” button that has surfaced in past few days. However, for the moment you will see only the button, pressing which might not take any action but the full implementation of this feature is expected to to appear soon along with Fancy. This is as such an unfinished feature at the moment and will appear of Twitter’s Mobile app but will help to buy for few legitimate products via tweets.

Back in May, Amazon had joined hands with Twitter where users could add products to their shopping cart directly via Tweets. Now this new feature with “Buy Now” could be brought here as well along with Fancy listings. Twitter has as such a good association with e-commerce applications and the social networking giant has recently hired a former CEO Nathan Hubbard to exclusively look after the company’s commerce ventures. We hope this new exciting new feature comes to actual practice sooner.