If you have cortana available in your windows 8.1 phone, then you are all set to try the new application named Voice Walk lite. Many of you will be thinking of how to use it when cortana is not available outside U.S.  For that matter, you can try the region hack to enable Microsoft’s new voice assistant. This app is been designed for waking up your PC using ‘wake-on-LAN’. Now you can turn on your PC from miles away and we know that you have your own ideas too.

To gather more information about Wake On LAN, you can take help of Google or Wiki. 

The very simple design of the app makes it easy to use and it is going to get better, as the ‘lite’ version will be out soon.

Wake On LAN should have been enabled on your PC before you start using this app. For all those who have not used it in past; it can be found under the BIOS settings when the computer boots first. Now that you have Wake On LAN on your PC, just download the app and configure it with your PC’s Mac address, IP info, etc. 

The app is ready to use once everything is configured correctly. Now you can just give a voice command: “Cortana wake (your computer name)”.  See how it works by playing the embedded video.

It also offers some amazing features like ‘location based wake feature and wake schedule feature’. It means that you can wake your PC when you reach somewhere or at a certain time. To enjoy this outstanding feature, you may upgrade to the paid version, which will be out soon.

It is available here, in the store, and we will keep you informed about the paid version.