The concept of making Smart bulbs is turning out to be a very lucrative technological idea. Back in March, Samsung unveiled its LED based Smart Bulbs which the company said to offer nearly 10 years of life. Well, the major concept behind smart lightning involves connecting the wiring or infrastructure or the bulb itself to the web. Philips, INSTEON and other have came out with their own smart bulbs following the latter approach.

However, the smart bulb technology proves to be a bit expensive. Emberlight has come up with its newly designed adapter which makes any ordinary bulb function as a smart bulb. Emberlight acts as a medium/interface between your light fitting and bulb and connects it to user’s Wi-Fi network which allows the bulb to be operated remotely via a tablet, smartphone or a computer. Emberlight is basically a Kickstarter project that has already achieved its target with just few more days left to go.



The Emberlight adapter can be very easily installed, wherein the bulb screws up into the adapter. With the help of the Emberlight Mobile App, you can easily connect the device to the home Wi-Fi network. On setting up the adapter, users can even vary the brightness of light, set the bulbs to fade at certain times, switch on the light automatically at certain proximity and can even turn off the bulb from a remote location. Moreover, users could also be informed with notifications in case if any bulb has been kept on with no use.


Emberlight could work with dimmable LED bulbs, dimmable CFL, incandescent and halogen. This tech is designed to be used with Edison screw bulbs, whereas adapters for bayonet bulbs are also available. Head on to Kickstarter to understand more about this wonderful project. You can even contribute if you find it to be a really interesting idea. Take a look at the Emberlight video below.