Some of us might have difficulty in waking up in the morning and thus it is normal for us to set an alarm clock to remind us to wake up every morning. If this needs to be done on a daily basis, why not make it fun? Therefore, instead of using the normal alarm clock which only can produce an irritating sound or song or vibration, why not using a creative alarm clock which needs you to take a selfie to turn it off?

“Snap Me Up” is a creative alarm clock which force you to take a selfie of yourself before it can be turned off. However, the app is not the only app which needs you to do something different to turn off the alarm clock, there are already alarm clock available in the market which force you to do something like solve a puzzle or get up and spin around to turn it off.

The app comes with an interesting built-in face detection feature to prevent you to take a blurry picture of yourself. You can also set the camera to face front or back. The selfie which you took will be saved in a photo album with the name “My sleepy snaps”  with the date and time of when the photo was taken so that you can laugh it off later on. The only annoying thing is that it comes with an advertisement at the bottom of the app.

Currently “Snap Me Up” is only available in Android from Google Play Store while the iOS version is on the development stage.