TSMC Will Supply A9 Processors To Apple As The Primary Supplier Not Samsung

Apple and Samsung have been a great competition for each other in the field of technology for last few years. Other than the criticism over general and obvious status, Samsung is still the major manufacturing partner of Apple, which was verified by Tim Cook several times.

Lately, Apple has distant itself from Samsung and has been approaching different companies. As 2015 has arrived it has been cleared that TSMC would be responsible for manufacturing Apple’s A9 processor.

Taiwanese Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, shortly TMSC, has been in business with Apple sky-rocket for the past few years. Other than that, Touch ID fingerprint sensor is one of the chief productions of TMSC.

While Samsung has managed to build such processor which is new in technology, it was supposed that A9 processors’ leading manufacturer would be Samsung but it turned out that TMSC would be taking this responsibility instead.

A report from Taiwan stated that the chief supplier of the processor would be TMSC, which has already providing 70 percent of A8 processors. It was whispered that Samsung would hold a greater part of manufacturing this time but according to Taipei Times Apple will continue with its present setup.

All this report was presented to make clear that Samsung will continue to produce A9 chips and it has already made a deal with Apple, but TSMC will have the greater responsibility than the South Korean technology giant.

By expanding the manufacturing process with the help of several companies, Apple will have minimum amount of risk. Even the TSMC got the major burden, but Samsung will remain behind-the-scene image of presenting iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 in the market.