Apple has introduced a feature which keep track iPhone’s users’ every movement since a year ago. This feature called, Frequent Locations, is automatically installed on any iPhone with iOS 7 or iOS 8 operating system. It keeps track of where you shop, where you buy coffee, or what the time you left your work. Thius it will enable iPhone to analyse the figure and find out where you live and work based on the frequiency and trips timing. However, Apple ensures that these data will not be used by anyone else without the user’s permission; it is just designed to improve mapping services.

Fortunately there are way to turn it off this feature. To access the feature, go to Settings, choose privacy option and then location services, scroll down to the bottom and select System Services. Click on Frequent Locations. The data will be displayed under the history option.  This will displayed with a map divided into districts and cities and dots, click on each of the dots and it will display the locations that you had gone to.

To disable the feature, select clear history, ensure that improve maps is deselected and turn off the Frequent Locations tab. Please note that the data will still be recorded, it only stops it being mapped into the map.

Finally, to stop logging, go to location services in the Privacy menu and disable it. Please note that this will make you unable to use the iPhone’s mapping software.