Is Touch ID working better for you since you updated to iOS 7.1.1? There is a change in the speed and and precision of Touch ID on the Apple iPhone 5s,since Apple has allegedly changed the scanning process in its new iOS built.

With the help of iOS 7.1.1 Apple is able to take multiple scans of each user position at finger setup instead of a single one and utilizes various algorithms to predict potential future errors. Touch ID is expected to improve accuracy  gradually with every scan. The problem arises when users didnot scan well on setup. Apple’s iOS 7.1.1 increases accuracy, removes scanning issue and also greatly reduces the calculations that iPhone 5S had to conduct while unlocking the Apple device providing a much faster unlock time.

We can conclude that Touch ID is coming to the Apple iPad Air 2 and the next iteration of the Apple iPad mini with Retina display. The fingerprint scanner appears to be more worthy and less “gimmicky” as the feature is quicker and more accurate.