Smartwatches are in trending nowadays but there is not many which can be used to make a call without tethering to a smartphone. However, there is a smartwatch, developed by an Ukranian startup, which if you unfasten the cuff and hold it to your ear, it can be used as a phone independently. The device is named .klatz.

.klatz is made from a stiff aluminium bracelet rather than a watch face with a flexible strap which is uniquely designed. The company is looking for a $140,000 funding for the device on a crowdfunding site Indiegogo. However, when a project is listed in a crowdfunding site, there is a chance where it might not be implemented for whatever reason. We do hope it is not the case for this particular project.

.klatz comes in four sizes and it comes in black or red with 384 LEDs forming the screen. If you look at the watch, it will display the time. If you pair it with an iPhone or Android phone and most probably Windows phone in the near future, it will allow you to control music, track your activity and receive message notifications. On top of that, if you flip it open and hold it to your ear, it will become a phone.

The battery is bigger than any other smartwatches at 600mAh. With this kind of power pack, it gets up to 10 days of standby time. The device is not waterproof but fortunately, it is dust and splash-proof. Funding options starts from $99 for a single .klatz device. The first device will be delivered in March next year.