Apple posted the earning from iPhones from October to December 2014. The company has a record-breaking 74.5 million earning in its fiscal Q1 2015. Moreover, the company also mentions that the fans may be waiting for the Apple Watch in stores soon.

Tim Cook mentioned that Apple Watch will not be available before April. Apple can only start shipping in April due to some problems. However, Apple announced the Watch will be available “early 2015” before. Tim Cook has reported that we have to fix something before launching Apple Watch to embrace consumers.

Apple Watch will come with different editions and the cheapest watch will be cost $349 only. In addition, the Apple Watch Edition will come with 18K-carat gold that may cost you thousands of dollars.

Apple Watch will have a Retina-class display and powered by the most powerful processor for smartwatch. However, the battery performance is yet a problem for Apple to cope with. However, Tim Cook said long ago, users may need to charge daily. But, the recent battery performance test result is saying something else!