Tim Cook became Apple’s chief executive in October 2011, 6 weeks before Jobs passed away. When he first took over the position, there were a lot of assumptions that Apple would not be as innovative as when the company was managed under Steve Jobs. However, Cook proved them wrong.

There are a few tangible proofs that Apple is going to be better financially. With the release of Apple Watch, Apple Pay Service as well as the $3 billion acquisition of Beats music service. On top of that Apple’s stock has increased tremendously from $54 to $126 which means Apple has a market value of $700 billion, double than either Exxon Mobile or Microsoft.

Cook has different style of management than Jobs. Rather than looking into small details like Jobs did, Cook behaves like a coach who is aware of the issue, involved at the high end and gets involved as needed.  He lets his staffs do their own thing.  On top of that he does not try to be Steve Jobs. He always tries to be himself. These are some of the character of Tim Cook’s as described by one of the senior management, Eddy Cue, senior vice president for Internet software and services who joined Apple in 1989.

The next thing for Apple is the new corporate university. If everything is going as per scheduled, then it will be finished by the end of 2016. The building will have a doughnut shape design which looks like a spaceship from far.