Garmin, a Kansas-based company, which may or might not be familiar , has launched three interesting wearable devices during this year’s CES. Although it is not a big name in the market, the brand has earned reputation for making high quality portable gadgets.

garmin smartwatch2

First in line is the Fenix 3 is a relatively like the Fenix 2 with some major updates. This smartwatch is pertained to as ‘smart multisport GPS watch’. Like a typical smartwatch it is Bluetooth-enabled and is connected to a smartphone. It is built with several sensors – step counter, compass, barometer, altimeter and more. And its main feature being the onboard GPS with GLONASS support for better accuracy.

garmin smartwatch3

Second of the three wearables from Garmin is Epix, which showcases rugged style. It is a modern version of the old school offline navigation devices packed in a small 1.4-inch color touchscreen and an integrated world basemap. Equipped with 8GB of onboard storage, this smartwatch also comes with a 1 year subscription for satellite for imagery updates to suit your mapping needs. and one more thing this device is to be commended for is its 50 meter water resistance rating.

garmin smartwatch4

And the last is the Vivoactive, which is also the most ‘smartwatch-like’ and most affordable of the three. It would be up for grabs early 2015 for only $249.99 or $299.99 with a heart-rate monitor. While the Fenix 3 is priced $499.99 or $549.99 and would be available during the first quarter of 2015. And the Epix which would be accessible in the market the same time costs $549.99 or $599.99.