Deaf people face many challenges in life because not many people can understand sign language. They find it difficult to communicate with normal people so they can’t make many friends, get a good education or even a decent job. With this new communication tool  developed by a San Fransisco startup, MotionSavvy, the deaf will have a good shot at leading a normal and happy life.

MotionSavvy is developing a new revolutionary product that could change the life of millions of deaf and hard of hearing people in the world. The product is called UNI and is a two-way communication tool that can be used by the deaf and the hearing person to communicate easily with each other. The device can be clasped to a tablet and its MotionSavvy software tracks the hand movements of the deaf (sign language) and translates it into English audio. It also captures the voice of the speaker and displays it in text which the deaf person can read.

UNI communication Tool for Deaf-2

There are two cameras that capture the hand movements of the deaf person and project the mirror image on the Visualizer screen which people can see. The UNI sign language recognition software interprets and translates it into English words that are spoken by a voice which the hearing person can understand. And when he speaks in response, the voice recognition software interprets it and converts it into text.

UNI communication Tool for Deaf-3

Currently, the product is only in the prototype phase and the final product is expected to be launched in fall this year. MotionSavvy has obtained crowd funding through Indegogo and pre-orders for UNI have already started on the company website.

The video below shows how it works: