Smartphones have become such an essential part of us that we can’t even imagine what it would be like without it. While using it, we are perpetually running out of battery or storage capacity. A lot of external storage options are available but what if you can charge your phone and increase your storage capacity at the same time? The PhotoFast MemoriesCable for charging iPhones does just that. This charging cable charges your iPhone and at the same time provides you with additional huge storage capacity of 128GB.


The PhotoFast MemoriesCable is like the regular Apple charging cable that can charge your iPhone or iPad or sync it with other devices such as your computer. It also packs an additional storage feature. Using the PhotoFast app will allow you to store 128GB of content such as photos, videos, music, movies, eBooks, files and other data in it. Another advantage is that it is very secure. You can use TouchID fingerprint authentication feature in the app to keep your content safe.


The MemoriesCable appears to be a little thicker than other regular cables because it sports a standard USB connection, a lightning connector and also a128GB of built-in storage. The length of this iPhone charging cable is 130mm and it weighs only 9.4 grams which makes it lightweight and easily portable.

The PhotoFast MemoriesCable is yet to hit the market but when it does, it will be available in two variants – 128GB and 64GB.  There is no word on its pricing yet.

iPhone owners, are you looking forward to owning this MemoriesCable?