Apparently the competition of Apple and Google is not stopping on smartphones only, it is extended to smartwatch. With the Android Wearable and Apple Watch launched recently, each of them has its own strengths and weaknesses and neither one is compatible with the other although there is rumor that Google is working on Android Wear app for iOS.  There are a few things that Android can do which cannot be done on Apple Watch.

One of them is that Google allows consumers to design and sell their own custom watch faces for Android Watch whereas Apple Watch only allows 11 watch faces officially, however, it can be more with some complications like using widgets.


To see the time, normally you will need to do a exaggerated motion, which is fine when you are walking down the road but it is a little bit irritating when you are doing something else and you just want to know what time is it while continuing to do your stuff. Android Wear supports an “always-on” feature which switches the device into a low-power state. When the device is in this mode, all the colors are stripped down in order to conserve battery life while keeping it on.


You can receive notification on your Apple Watch from you iPhone by using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. However, both of the devices must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. With the latest update from Android Wear, you can receive notification on you smartwatch eventhough both devices are not connected in the same Wi-Fi network. Therefore, if you left your smartphone at home, you can still receive notification on your Android Wear provided you can connect to any Wi-Fi network out there.