There are lesser women working in technology industry. One of the powerful women who is still working in the technology industry despite the challenges faced is Carol Bartz. She has secured a few good positions in the last few years, such as the former CEO of Autodesk and Yahoo, who also served on the boards of Intel, Cisco Systems, BEA Systems and Network Appliance (NetApp).

Carol Bartz graduated with a degree in Computer science in 1971. It was a period whereby women held few professional jobs in United State, such as only 9% of them were doctors or about 4% of them were lawyers and judges then. As in the technology industry, there were only 1% of women working as engineers whom the figure increased to about 4% in 1981 according to US Labor Department.

In 2012, the figure increased to 14% of the engineers was women. According to researchers from University of Wisconsin-Madison, about almost 40 percent of women graduated with engineer qualification either quit or does not even enter the field. Some of the women said that the reason why they did not stay working in the technology industry is that there is that there is lack in flexibility, lower salary compared to the male colleague and lesser opportunity for career advancement.

According to Bartz, it is fine for women to work less, however, they need to network more and demand credit that they deserved.