HTC announced that the company will redesigned the camera function for its next flagship smartphone and it will be released in October this year. The smartphone is going to be released under the name HTC Aero.

According to a report in Vietnam, it is mentioned that HTC Aero will come with an enhanced rear camera with improved UI. It is going to be more revolutionary than the Ultrapixel technology which is found in HTC One(M7)  as it is supposed to allow more light to come into the sensor and thus results in better photos quality especially when it is taken under low-light conditions.

The camera on HTC Aero is rumored to have an aperture of f/1.9 compared to HTC One M9 which is having f/2.2 aperture size. With smaller aperture size, the amount of light which is coming in will be more nicely parallel to each other which resulted in sharper focus for all the lights which are coming in. On the other hand, with bigger aperture size, only light rays which are closely match to each other are coming in parallel. This means that whatever location that you had focused on when taking it will be sharper whereas the farther or closer object will be blurry.

There is not much information on HTC Aero as of now. However, it is expected that HTC Aero will come with QHD display and running on either Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 or MediaTek Helio X20 chipset.

Well,  stay tune to find out!