There are a few reasons to celebrate with the new Apple TV from Apple. Although they are just rumors, however, they do sound really exciting. One of it is that the price is slashed to starting from $69 from $99 previously. This is believed to make room for its successor. This announcement was found on Apple’s webite. The second reason for celebration is that new Apple TV box itself will come with new design and new hardware.


The new Apple TV will be running on A8 CPU processor which is also found on iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. On top of that, it will also support 4K video playback. It is kind of surprising since the current Apple smartphone devices still do not support 4K video recording even though all of them are using the same processor chip.

Furthermore, the internal storage is increased to beyond 8GB which means that it can accommodate more apps than its predecessors. It also comes with an improved operating system for the hardware which will also support Siri voice control for Apple TV. This means that it enables the remote selection of Homekit-enabled home automation.

If all of the above good news is not enough, Apple will also introduce the new HBO Now streaming service for the latest Apple TV.  If all these rumors turn out to be true, it will be announced at the upcoming Apple Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) in San Francisco in June 2015.