With many sources these days saying that the iPhone 6s will not have any major change in the design and will come with the addition of Force Touch tech and built with a tougher aluminum alloy. Thus many designers across the globe have started analyzing about how would be the design patterns for the new iPhone 7 and here we have the first concept video of the handset.

The iPhone 7 is expected to have a higher resolution display, with the incorporation of Force Touch tech, that would allow the touch screen to recognize the different pressure levels applied by your fingerprints and would thus help in distinguishing a continuous press from a light tap. This feature is currently present in the Apple Watch. The iPhone 7 is also expected to see a lift in its camera department with a special 12MP RGBW sensor for better color reproduction. There is also an rumor that we might get to see a dual-lens setup in the next iPhone 7.

A concept designer SCAVidsHD says that the next iPhone 7 is likely to have a MacBook exterior and will host a single rear camera of 16MP resolution with the OIS technology and a 8MP secondary camera to its front. The iPhone 7 will likely have a 5.5inch display like the iPhone 6s and the bezels at the sides will be squeezed a lot. The device would be running the iOS 10 that would be announced next month. For the time being enjoy the concept video below.