We have recently seen some stunning concept renders of iPhone 7 created by designer Martin Hajek. He has imagined several new design features in the upcoming Apple phone and the pictures were posted on the German website computerbild.de.

Computerbild has now come out with a beautiful video showing these concept renders and giving us an idea about how Apple’s upcoming iPhone 7 smartphone could look like. The renders look quite realistic. However, it is better to keep in mind that this is only a concept and the actual iPhone 7 could turn out to be something quite different.

This is a two-minute video highlighting the new design features in iPhone 7 as envisioned by the designer. These include a home button with Touch ID sensor that has been built into the display instead of being lodged below it. Apple has already got a patent for incorporating Touch ID sensors into the displays.

The concept video also shows the device having a dual-lens camera at the back that would give depth to the field. There is already a rumor that Apple is working on a new dual-lens camera.

The third interesting feature shown in the video is the glowing Apple logo at the back. Well, we are not sure if the new iPhone would bear a glowing logo because the Cupertino giant has already killed this feature in its new Retina MacBook.

Anyway, the iPhone shown in the concept video looks like a dream phone that anyone would like to own. Have a look for yourselves: