Korean tech giant Samsung unveiled its Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 Edge earlier this month at the MWC 2015. One of the major changes that we saw this time and as such usually don’t see with Samsung flagships was the removal of microSD card slot for additional expandable memory and a user replaceable battery. Samsung has really managed to convince their users on the removable battery issue by introducing a number of power saving modes and other things. However, it would be difficult for their fans to swallow down the line the non-inclusion of microSD card as they are always boasted for huge memory provision every time.

For all those to whom the microSD card slot matters a lot, the Korean giant has got a drill. A recent from Reddit shows that Samsung is planning to arrive with one more variant of the Galaxy S6 called as the Galaxy S6 Active. In a recent interview of one of the executives by a Reddit user “garshol” a number of upcoming Galaxy handsets were discussed of which the Galaxy S6 Active was discussed a lot. The Active variant of the premium flagship would have almost similar hardware to offer and would come with a provision of microSD card slot. Additionally, the camera for this variant would be of bit lower class but would still feature OIS. Moreover, the model will lack a heartbeat sensor and will not have a fingerprint scanner.

Additionally it is also said that the Active variant would have a removable battery and also the inclusion of physical buttons to its front. The handset is said to be in its final developmental stage and could be launched anytime in mid-Summer.

source: Reddit