The Nexus 8 is these days in much talks within the entire tech community. The much awaited Nexus series tablet is likely to make appearance very soon and it could be just the Google I/O event to be held this month end where we could get the first glimpse of the device.

According to the recent report from MYCE, a Nexus 8 tablet is coming sooner in a very short time. The computer community site has noted it started receiving several posts relating to a device with a test name “flounder” which is a fish name code used by Google specifically for its Nexus devices. Earlier reports have claimed that the upcoming Nexus 8 could be an HTC produced device.


However, at the moment the Mountain View giant has removed all the traces of the flounder name used in the previous post on the community site. The most recent references are made which shows the tablet to be hosting a Tegra processor, while one of the post mentions that the device will be powered with a 64-bit CPU. With this all could be predicted that the Google Nexus 8 could arrive this month at the Google I/O event that is to be held on the 25-26th of June.