Effects of technology
According to many people, technology is breaking us apart; however, research shows that technology and internet is making people happier. For this, one should understand that a human brain like things that gives it many options even though too many options can make people uncomfortable. Moreover, technology should be taken as a tool, and people should utilize it that way. Studies are continuing to prove the fact that relationships make people happier. The problem starts when people try to replace relationships with technology which is a human tendency.

A study was conducted on different people; it showed that people tune to their favorite television programs when they feel lonely. While watching those programs, they feel less lonely. Television acts as a poor substitute of friends during free time. It temporarily fulfills the needs of a real relationship. The moment one’s favorite TV show ends, it is similar to the end of a relationship. However, watching more television makes people unhappy.

The feeling of having something belonging to you is a basic human need which cellphone stimulates very well. As a result, a person desires less to connect with others or engage into socializing activities. Brain scans show that it is not getting addicted to your cell phone rather it is like falling in love with it. Every day in the world more iPhones are sold than babies are born. Conversations without a tone and emotions on the faces make texting messaging look like autism.

Spending too much time on computer decrease social skills. Studies have revealed that Facebook make relationships weak which lack a commitment. People get depress when they see the only happy moments presented there. Checking email very much stress out people, and even make people behave abnormally. However, it is not the solution to stop using machines and adopt the lifestyle of Amish Community.

The correct use of technology is the solution. Studies show that regular internet users enjoy happier matrimonial lives. In fact, Facebook users, on average, feel more emotionally supported. The secret is to get the good and leave the bad. If a person uses technology to connect with other people, it will improve relationships and increase happiness.

Many people say that more face-to-face interactions with other people makes them less lonely, and more online interaction makes them feel lonelier. This implies that more use of Facebook and similar websites will definitely make a person lonelier. However, this is not actually true. Facebook is just a tool; its correct use will fetch good results. If Facebook is used for increasing real-life interaction, the results will be great. For example, it will be fun if one uses social media to organize a football game with friends. However, choosing social media to kill time rather than playing football will be boring. Therefore, instead of merely hitting the ‘like’ button, one should comment, communicate and plan real-life interactions.

Similarly, the correct use of mobile phone can make people happier as well. Messaging apps are available that can be used to plan meetings with friends in real life or stay connected with distant friends. Most importantly, when a person meets his friends, he should put aside the mobile phone. Regularly meeting family and friends is worth a lot more than what one checks on his phone.Technology
People make the mistake of replacing relationships with technology which makes them unhappy. The same technology can make people happy if it is used for connecting with people.