We all agree that technology is changing as the time goes by. If a new technology has been innovated by someone or some company normally they will file it for a patent. From the list, we can know whether that someone or that company is having the most technology that has been patented of and we can say that they are being innovative. Starting from January to May this year, it seems like IBM tops the list by 3059 patents awarded while Samsung follows closely by 3052 patents awarded.

Apple on the other hand, listed in 11th position of the list with 780 patents awarded. It seems like the company is going through a tough year this year as for the past years, Apple has been in the top 10 for the number of patents that the company has filed. Canon is in the third place with 1782 patents awarded while LG takes fourth position with 1484 patents. Google occupied the fifth place with 1083 patents awarded.

It seems like the changes in patent laws are having an effect on the number of patents granted. Unfortunately, it reduces the number of patents awarded. However, if we take a look at the medium to long term period, this may eventually reduce the number of lawsuits between technology companies.