Most of the web-masters are not aware of Alexa Rank ( In this article we will explain Technology of Alexa Rank but before that we will give some basic information about Alexa.

What is Alexa?
Alexa is a company which provides web traffic metric. is founded at 1996 and 3 years later, acquired by Amazon. So, they are on-line before most teenagers weren’t even in world. At 2000s, if you were a web-master, you didn’t have much chance to guess traffic data of a website. At those years Alexa was the only source to make such guesses. Now Alexa has some competitors and also some of them gives much more accurate results. But Alexa also growed in last years. gets ~6.5 million views/month.

What is Alexa Rank?
Alexa Rank is a number which Alexa sorts all websites in it’s database. Alexa orders websites sorted by their traffic size. Site 1 is the one who takes the most visitors. 2 is the website with the second biggest traffic and so on.According to Alexa, over 30 million websites already listed at their list.

How does the Alexa Rank works? What is the Technology Behind Alexa Rank?
Alexa takes the traffic data from the toolbars installed on browsers. Alexa toolbar works on Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome. This toolbar has a popup blocker and a button which connects users to Alexa website. It shows the global Alexa rank of the visited website in toolbar. Alexa takes data from this toolbar unless you are a Alexa Pro Member. Alexa Pro places a code to sites to get verified and tracks the visitors from this code. With Alexa Pro, web-masters gets “certified statistics”. When they show their site to advertisers, they show the Alexa certified statistics also. Alexa Pro gives more accurate data especially on total pageviews and unique pageviews because it takes the data with a Javascript code. Even the visitor doesn’t have Alexa Toolbar, Alexa Pro takes the visitor number and change effects on Alexa Rank

How to rank on Alexa Rank fast?
In previous years it was very easy to rank on Alexa rank because all you need was installing Alexa Toolbar to your favorite browser and visit your website regularly. This doesn’t works much now because there are millions of web-masters are doing the same thing and trying to good positions at Alexa Rank. Today, things changed for web-masters. If you want to rank on Alexa Rank; Alexa forces you to be a Alexa Pro member (starting from $9.99/month). This will bring much more accurate data about your site and it will effect your Alexa Rank very fast.

How to rank Fake on Alexa Rank?
Some web-masters use alexa rank booster to get fake results on Alexa rank. With this alexa rank booster softwares they send fake hits to websites and predict good results from these fake boost scripts. You must to know that all these fake hit generators doesn’t effects your site’s Alexa rankings. This has 2 simple reasons.
1) Alexa is smart enough to know which users are real and which users are software generated fake traffic.
2) These softwares or scripts doesn’t loaded with Alexa toolbar. Alexa takes data from the Alexa toolbar. If the visitor doesn’t have Alexa toolbar, if won’t effect Alexa Rankings. So, as long as the softwares doesn’t have alexa toolbar installed, they will just waste your time and bandwidth.

So, there is no way to rank fake on Alexa rankings. There is no real way to boost Alexa ranks.