The long awaited Project Ara is going to be announced soon. It is going to be announced by Google’s ATAP group in two occasions.  The first project announcement is going to take place in Mountain View, California on January 14 whereas the second announcement is in Singapore on January 21. Both events will have satellite locations. The project Ara which is going to be announced will be the second version.

Peoject Ara is Google ATAP’s idea to create a phone which let users upgrade individual hardware components with new or updated features instead of replacing the entire phone. Its objective is to give users an ability to create their own image of a perfect phone without spending money on the feature that they do not need.

One of the major changes in the second version of Project Ara is the “Spiral 2”. It is what Google ATAP group called the second iteration of the hardware. In “Spiral 1”, half of the space on the device is taken up by components which required holding the various modules whereas in “Spiral 2” together with custom hardware from Toshiba, it will cut down on the space needed so that it allows developers more space on the hardware to work with.

According to rumours, the first Project Ara hardware will be available in January 2015 and it could cost as little as $50.  Based on the timeline, it is possible that Spiral 2 will be the first Ara handset to be sold.