If you don’t know what Minecraft is, its a game where you gather resources and build things. You can also explore the near endless mass of land in minecraft. Its just a huge world in there.

Players of Minecraft have used Minecraft to express themselves artistically and to build structures from movies, tv shows, videogames, and structures from real life as well.

What you see in these pictures is a Minecraft creation, its called Titan City. This is so insane. The level of detail and the work that went into this is just astounding. What is it that makes people make these things without the expectation of any real reward? Since I have never been able to make something like this, I won’t understand.


The creator of this city is Ducan Parcells. He is an art student, he takes interest in interactive design. He is also known as the YouTube user Colonial Puppet.


The fact that he made all of this on his Xbox 360 is amazing in itself. Once this city is finished, it will be moved to PC and expended even further.


Ducan said regarding Titan City:

 […] all the blocks were hand placed on the map since it’s Xbox but I have over a dozen or so PC buildings set aside for when it’s moved to PC for good and those collectively took like a couple hours with Minecraft edit. I guess the medium is part of the message in this case.

You can download the latest version of this map and check it out for yourself. Here are the download links for both Xbox 360 and PC.