Apple last year unveiled its 5.5inch phablet the Apple iPhone 6 Plus and for most of the iPhone fans it took a bit of time to get accustomed to this large screen. The large screen often helps its users to do multiple of tasks on the device like working with documents, email or lot of messaging. The iPhone 6 Plus very much, at the same time being a smartphone, serves the purpose of a tablet as well.

Well, here is a new small and portable Bluetooth keyboard which the users of the smartphone can carry along with them. It is very much handy and the good thing is that the keyboard also serves as a part of the protective casing for the handset. Named as the iPhone 6 Plus Ultra-thin Bluetooth keyboard, it acts like a protective casing and a stand. The iPhone 6 Plus can just be slid into the keyboard frame. Moreover, you can also arrange the setup in such a way that the screen faces you.

Undoubtedly it would certainly add to the thickness of the smartphone but still is very productive tool and offers a bit of convenience for adding up large messages. The Bluetooth keyboard has also got its own rechargeable battery.  Take a closer look at the images below.

Bluetooth keyboard for iPhone 6 Plus 5 Bluetooth keyboard for iPhone 6 Bluetooth keyboard for iPhone 6 Plus 2 Bluetooth keyboard for iPhone 6 Plus 3 Bluetooth keyboard for iPhone 6 Plus 4