Most of you might not hear about Catcher Technologies Company until now. Catcher Technologies is based in Taiwan and it is supplying metal casings for Apple’s iPhones. After a recent shareholder’s meeting in Tainan, Catcher’s chairman Allen Horng told a media briefing that thanks to the smoother production and strong orders for metal casings for new projects, the company is confident that the next quarter would be better than the previous quarter.

Until now, Catcher has made NT$31.33 billion (US$1billion) in sales within the first five months of the year, which is increased up to 64.05 percent from last year. However, Horng, said that the sales would dropped slightly this month than last month due to traditional slow season but it will pick up again the next quarter. Last month sales are reported to be NT$6.85 billion.

It seems that the demands for PCs are weaker than the demand for smartphone. However, Horng is confident about the business outlook as the company’s main clients are doing well. One of Catcher’s main clients is reported to be Apple. However, Catcher is facing competition with other companies such as Casetek Holdings Ltd and FIH Mobile Ltd for the orders for Apple MacBook and tablet products.

Despite the competition, Catcher is still confident that they would win the order a metal casing treatments are not easy to do and it is more complicated than it seems. The company raised its expenditure by 35% from a year earlier which is mainly used to build new factories and working on more advanced equipments to fulfill their clients order criteria.