In view of the growing popularity of smartwatches, traditional watchmakers are also getting into this field. TAG Heuer had recently announced plans to come out with its own smartwatch. The Swiss luxury watchmaker is going ahead with its plans for the smartwatch that will directly take on Apple Watch and other smartwatches.

Earlier, Jean-Claude Biver, interim chief executive of TAG Heuer had made some dismissive remarks about Apple Watch but he later admitted that he might have underestimated the attraction smartwatches had for people. He said that he had now changed his mind about smart gadgets. Biver also said that in the 4 months since the project was started, the company has begun negotiations for several partnerships and was thinking of making some acquisitions too.

Nothing has been finalized yet but according to rumors, TAG Heuer is working with Intel for providing the chipset to power its smartwatch. Rumors also say that the watch’s operating system would be Google’s Android. However, nothing is clear yet.

TAG Heuer wants to retain all the mechanical functions that form an integral part of its wristwatches and will add the necessary sensors and other components that are needed to make the watch ‘smart’ i.e. to monitor distance walked, steps taken, heart rate measurement and other parameters.

TAG Heuer wants to create a unique quality product that will be different from other smartwatches in the market and will refrain from making any announcement unless and until they have a sure shot product on their hands. The TAG Heuer smartwatch is expected to be launched somewhere in late 2015. The Apple Watch with which it wants to compete is launching in early 2015.

 Tag Heuer -Smartwatch-2

Via Redmond Pie