The addition to G Pad tablet series

Three new additions to LG G Pad tablet series


What is the news?

There is good news for tablet lovers. LG is introducing three more tablet computers which will be a great addition to the G Pad series. The names of new LG tablets are G Pad 7.0, G Pad 8.0 and G Pad 10.1. These new devices will be displayed in Monaco during the greatest technology business fair of Europe called MedPI 2014 which will be held during the mid of May. LG’s tablet G Pad 8.3 was very successful, and this new addition of three more tablets will definitely increase the company’s share in world tablet market.

Message from the President

The CEO and president of the LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company Dr. Jong-seok Park stated that the customers of LG tablets want the company to introduce more such devices with big screens but making no compromise on the portability. He further said that tablets cannot be made like smartphones where there is a generalized limit to everything; the objective of G Pad Series is the opposite. According to him, the designing of G Pad Series is done to cater a wide range of customers; some customers are more interested in excellent multimedia performance while others are more concerned about the portability; therefore, G Pad series covers everyone.


The following is a brief introduction of new G Pad tablet Series by LG:

  • G Pad 7.0: This is the smallest tablet by LG which is designed in a way that any person can hold it in his one hand. It offers great portability and battery power; however, it is not something for multimedia lovers.
  • G Pad 8.0: This is a medium sized tablet by LG. It has an 8 inch screen, and it gives a fairly good multimedia performance. It is good for doing different tasks at the same time.
  • G Pad 10.1: It is the biggest tablet by LG. It has a big display screen of 10.1 inches with a very powerful battery which enables the user to use it for a very long period of time. Its multimedia performance is excellent.

What is new?

The new versions of G Pad tablets will have Knock CodeTM and QPair 2.0 which are ownership UX features. The QPair feature was first tested in G Pad 8.3 tablet, and it was a huge success. This feature allows a user to easily connect with his Android smartphone using Bluetooth which enables him to get alerts of phone calls and text messages. The new QPair feature will enable the user to reply from him LG tablet. The Knock CodeTM is an amazing feature which lets a user to switch on and unlock his LG smartphone in a simple step. This step is to enter a special pattern on the phone’s screen. Knock CodeTM is very secure and easy to use; it is easy to enter it on any part of the screen even if the display is off. A user can set up his personal sequence from 2 to 8 taps which means combinations up to 80,000.

In the coming weeks, further details and availability of the new LG G Pad Series tablets will be made public.