Normally the rechargeable batteries requiring hours of recharge and having a life of around 1000 recharge/discharge charging before the quality falls noticeably. This soon to be resolved by Sam Beck from Portland with a company named Blueshift. Blueshift is Oregon-based Company which has invented portable Bluetooth speakers that can be charged in five minutes but can last for 500,000 charges.

The secret of this is because the device is powered by supercapacitors. Blueshift name was mentioned first time when it was crowdfunding to get its supercapacitor-powered Helium Bluetooth speakers working. After successfully reached their funding goal and delivered units to backers, the company is crowdfunding again to expand its model lineup and come up with the next supercapacitor-powered speaker called Hydrogen.

However, if the supercapacitors have a lot of advantages, there are not many portable devices are using it. It is because the cost is higher and they are much more expensive than batteries. This is the main concern of the Bluetooth speaker manufacturer.

These supercapacitors are low voltage devices which require supercapacitors to be combined to produce a practically working voltage. They are also having lower power densities than batteries which mean that they take up more spaces.

To help buyers keep their speaker running and improve the design, Beck has made all Hydrogen design files open source and freely available for download. Therefore, it makes it easier to customize. The company currently is over three quarters toward its US$10,000 goal with a week still to run. The unit is priced at $300 for early bird backers with the delivery date starting in January 2015.