Getting your dream job is really not an easy thing to do, especially if your dream job is to work for multinational company such as Airbnb. Nina Mufleh comes from Middle East and has been living in San Fransisco for a year. Her dream job is to work for Airbnb.

As most of what job seekers do, she tried to apply the job through the company’s website, emails and job listings. However, it was to no avail. Therefore, she decided to do other thing that most job seekers do not think of. She created a resume which mirrors Airbnb’s website and it has attracted the attentions of many including Airbnb’s CEO and CMO.

On her resume, instead of listing her past experience, she wrote what she knows about travel industry and what she could do for Airbnb if she was accepted to work in the company as well as what she thinks need to be done to improve the company’s performance in the industry. With such resume, she managed to get a formal interview invitation with the marketing recruiter from the company.  All those cannot be done without any effort. It took her about a week to gather all data, do market research as well as working with designer she met on one of her previous jobs.

Mufleh does not expect that the result would be quick and exciting. Well, hope all the best for Nina Mufleh!

For the full view of her resume, click here