Super is an upcoming social network which is unique and quirky.  This starts by snapping a selfie of you or other people doing weird and fun stuff and caption the pictures as well as sharing it with the rest of the community.  It is created by the makers of Jelly.  When your profile is finished, you can proceed to a gallery of captioned snaps of you or other people.  Apart from fun and quirky, it is supposed to be colorful and different. The people who use Super will usually laugh once they get the idea.

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Afterwards, you can also proceed to find and invite friends from Facebook or Twitter to try Super and also to make some new captioned pictures inside the app. You can also follow other captioners funny pictures, like their content, comment it, share it or repost it.

You can try to roll in your own caption by tapping the Pen icon to enter the Edit window. Choose how to begin your witty caption, write the sentence and sign as you wish. Super will do all the styling as you wish. Then choose a photo. You can use the build-in ones, or snap your own picture or search from the internet. You can also apply a filter to it.

When you are happy with the end result, you can add a location and URL if you want to or tap on Anonymous option if you also want to and submit it.

Currently, Super seems like a working proof concept rather that a finished, polished app. The menus are lively and it does not have a typical Android or iOS look. It is up for free on Android and iOS.