In a significant move, Internet Giant Google’s CEO Larry Page has made Indian-born Sundar Pichai the head of the company’s products business. Although no official press release has been issued yet, an internal memo has been sent by Google to its staff informing about the change, according to Re/code.

Sundar Pichai, Senior Vice President at Google looking after Android, Chrome and Google apps, has now been made in-charge of all the products except one at the company. He will now oversee search, Google+, maps, commerce, ad products, research and infrastructure in addition to his existing portfolio.  Only YouTube will remain with its CEO Susan Wojcicki who is a top executive with Google and it was in her garage that Larry Page and Sergey Brin started Google. She will be reporting directly to Page. All the other executive heads will now report to Sundar Pichai.

This move came because Larry Page was concerned that in the coming years Google may not be as innovative as before and he wanted to make certain changes so that bottlenecks are removed and he will get more time to focus on the “Bigger Picture”. Page will now focus his attention on other existing and new products. He will continue to keep with him access and energy, corporate development, Google X, Nest, Calico, finance, legal and business (including ad sales).

Sundar Pichai, 42, joined Google in 2004 and has risen rapidly in the company over the years. He was managing Chrome and was given Google apps in 2012 when Dave Girouard left. Then Andy Rubin stepped down as Android head in 2013 and that too went to Pichai. Sundar Pichai came in limelight at the Google’s I/O 2014 conference. With this new responsibility, he is practically at number two position in the company and considered by many as a potential CEO. However, according to sources, Pichai’s elevation is not aimed at grooming him to take over the reins from Page in future.