Rumors have been circulating since long about the next Apple flagship smartphone which may be called either iPhone 6S or iPhone 7. According to some, Apple will follow its old tradition and release a new phone in the iPhone 6 series this year i.e. iPhone 6S, while others feel the Cupertino giant will move on to the next series with iPhone 7.

Famous Dutch designer Martin Hajek has created some very stunning renders of how he imagines the new iPhone 7 would look like. He has posted these concept renders on the German website The designer imagines the iPhone 7 to have a 4.7-inch LCD panel in the front and a bright Apple logo at the back.

The Touch ID home button blends into the display screen. You may recall that Apple had filed a patent to incorporate Touch ID sensors into displays of devices and the designer might have considered this while creating the iPhone 7 renders. In the renders, the display occupies maximum space, the bezels are shown to be thin and the front-facing camera, proximity sensor and speaker are located at the very top. There is a dual-lens camera at the back.

Have a look at the beautiful iPhone 7 renders:

Apple-iPhone-7-concept-renders-3 Apple-iPhone-7-concept-renders-4 Apple-iPhone-7-concept-renders-2 Apple-iPhone-7-concept-renders-5 Apple-iPhone-7-concept-renders-6 Apple-iPhone-7-concept-renders-7 Apple-iPhone-7-concept-renders-8 Apple-iPhone-7-concept-renders-9 Apple-iPhone-7-concept-renders-10 Apple-iPhone-7-concept-renders-11 Apple-iPhone-7-concept-renders-12 Apple-iPhone-7-concept-renders-13 Apple-iPhone-7-concept-renders-14