A principal in Northeast High School, Philadelphia has confiscated iPhone 6 belonging to her student due to disciplinary reasons.  However, as the dad demanded her to return the phone to him, she refused to do so as it against the school’s policy. She offered him to take her flip phone instead in case if he needs to contact the student for emergency.

Raven Hill, a spokeswoman from School of District of Philadelphia said that according to the student handbook of Northeast High School which is given to every student at the beginning of the school year, all confiscated cell phones, cameras, electronic and other telephonic devices will be returned at the end of each academic quarter with no exceptions. By the time the incident happens, the marking period is in two weeks.

The dad filmed the whole incident of him demanding to get his daughter’s iphone 6 back from the principal and uploaded it to YouTube. The video was seen by almost 180,000 people who might increase as time goes by.

Hill added that it is against the law to record a person without his or her consent. On the footage it seems that the principal identifies itself to the camera. Hill said that was not the case.  The principal identified herself to the parent and she was not aware that she was being filmed. A police report has been filed.

This aroused some public comments. One commented why the principal and parents could not come to a happy agreement while some commented why a schoolkid needs an iPhone 6.