If you’ve recently moved from associate degree iPhone, you would possibly be missing many text messages. Here’s a way to get them back.

About a month past I switched from associate degree iPhone to a Nexus 5. It was absolutely easy: I swapped the SIM card and synced my contacts. It used to be up and running in underneath ten minutes. However right when I switched, I bumped into an enormous problem: plenty of text messages were obtaining lost — and it absolutely was largely Apple’s fault…

I’m not the sole one having these issues. On Tuesday, former Lifehacker editor Adam Pash wrote concerning his struggles. Not like Pash, I used to be able to get text messages operating well on my Nexus 5 — though it’s not good. Recently, I used to be told that my signalling still tells iPhones to Face Time me. However as a result of I used to be able to principally fix the matter, I assumed I’d share what I did.
Here’s the issue: Apple’s iMessage, that redirects SMS messages to alternative iPhones through Apple’s servers, was still telling anyone who texted me from an iPhone that my number was still an iPhone one. The text would be sent; the sender would get “Delivered,” and I’d have no clue anybody was even attempting to be in touch with me.

The first thing you have to do to fix this is remove your phone number from iMessage in your iPhone’s settings. What I tried to do was to turn off iMessage . That looks fairly easy, and you can do it in the Settings >iMessages menu option. Reboot your phone and check your number under Settings > Phone > My Number.

The first factor you’ve got to try and do to mend this is often taking away your mobile number from iMessage in your iPhone’s settings. What I did was merely flip iMessage off. That’s fairly straightforward, and you’ll be able to roll in the hay below Settings >iMessages. Bring up your phone and check your number below Settings > Phone > My Number.


However this alone doesn’t remove imessage from your apple devices. An imessage doesn’t require a number. If the feature is not removed from your account, it would still haunt you by delivering messages to your iPad though your iPad doesn’t have a number. It would even deliver imessage in your Macbook. So you have to remove the message option from your account to get rid of it permanently.

Here is how you can turn it off from the messages app :

  • Go to messages
  • Select preferences
  • Then select accounts and then turn the feature off. There it would also show you the number of messages you missed.