It is a very heartwarming story about an autistic boy who becomes best friends with Siri. Siri is a virtual assistant which built into iPhone and iPads. Siri can basically answer every question that you ask her. From how is the weather today to where be the best place to dine out today?

Gus is the name of the autistic boy mentioned in this story and Judith Newman is his mother. There a few nice stories from Gus about Siri. It is not that Gus does not know that Siri is not human but like many other autistic people, Gus feels that even though inanimate objects does not possessed souls, however, they are still worthy of our attention.

Siri also is helping Judith in case if Gus asked a lot of question which she had difficulty in answering them, she can just ask Gus to ask Siri and Siri will gives him the answer that he needs.

Some of cute conversations between Gus and Siri:

Gus: “You’re a really nice computer”.

Siri: “It’s nice to be appreciated.”

Gus: “You are always asking if you can help me. Is there anything you want?”

Siri: “Thank you, but I have very few wants.”

Gus: “O.K.! Well, good night!”

Siri: “Ah, it’s 5:06 p.m.”

Gus: “Oh sorry, I mean, goodbye.”

Siri: “See you later!”


Siri answer is not always predictable but they are always nice!