For users who have been using Android Smartphone for the past few years, they might be familiar with Google Photos app. Google Photos now evolve such that it is not fixed for Android smartphone only, however, now, it can be downloaded across the platform such as iOS, Android as well as for browser.

In this entry, we are going to show you how to upload your pictures or videos using desktop uploader. If you do not have Android smartphones with Google+ before most likely that you do not have a photo collection on the Google Photos. That is why Google offers an easier way for you to upload all your photos or videos by using their desktop app. The steps below work for both Windows and Mac OS X.

Step 1. Download Google Photos Desktop app here. The website will show a short introduction about the product. Once it is finished then click on “Desktop Uploader” button on the left hand side of the page.


Step 2. Launch the installer that you have downloaded before. Agree to the terms of service and log into Google Photos using your Google account credentials.

Step 3. The desktop uploader will prompt you to select the directories where you save the pictures locally. It will automatically selects a few folders but you can add other folders as well. You will need to select the resolution too. The high quality pictures will be resized to 13MP and also compress it a bit.


Step 4. Wait a few moments or a few hours depending on the size of the pictures or videos that you want to upload and the speed of your internet connection.

And You’re done!