Schemes is an app which lets you to schedule your messages sending by SMS, Facebook, Twitter and Gmail messages based on a configurable time, date and intended recipients.  Using Schemes is very easy and convenient. The apps can be installed from Google Play Store and it is free however, there are some features which required you to purchase it before you can use the feature. In this article, we will explain further.


After you had installed the apps, you will be asked to set up your Twitter, Facebook and Gmail accounts. You do not need to set up for all, just the account which you need. After you are done, the app’s interface will appear. The button on the left allows you to oversee the scheduled messages queue whereas on the right, there are 2 buttons.


The first button allows you to access the paid feature. It consists of repeating schemes, Images as attachments, custom themes and new features with updates. The second button is the place where you can make your own schemes. When you click it, there will be a screen that lets you select the social mediums and email recipients. You can also type your own message. After that, the apps will prompt you to set time and date to schedule the message.


After you are happy with the message content and the setting, you can tap the right arrow button and the message is scheduled. It will show up in the messages queue. You only will be able to cancel or edit them before they are sent.

From the settings menu, you can adjust the notification display or clear the message history. On top of that, you also can logout from your social accounts.